Sunday, January 9, 2011


dinner time again!!!!today i went to the south kona greenmarket. it was cute. when i arrived, i saw little green. actually, what i was hoping for would not have been green, either. hopefully not. i was looking for pork and pineapples, as in the week since i have been here, the only pineapples i have had access to were dole. i found some very exciting things, amongst the many crafters, and jewelers. local, organic, ripe!! lemons, 10 for $1.00. freshly dug ginger, $2.00/lb
a gentleman making new orleans style beignets, subbing agave for sugar, and making his own chocolate sauce from local cacao beans, (which i bought a pound of). Then i found some local veal stew meat, which i will use soon, and i will let you know all about. as i was leaving, lo and behold! there was a man wearing a sign around his neck. sitting on a cooler. FRESH FISH. i am pretty sure that he was not really supposed to be at this market, but i dove in. i got a pound of fresh!! local ahi tuna for $8.00 and that is what i am eating right now. seared lightly with wild rice cooked in kaffir lime leaves, and a sautee of hot peppers, ginger, garlic, onions, baby red cabbage, broccoli, all in coconut milk and topped with toasted macadamia nuts and culantro leaves. not even related to cilantro, but something i became farmiliar with when i lived in puerto rico. i have a photo, but it truly does not give this meal justice. good night.

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