Friday, February 19, 2010

New Winter Radishes!!!

Stop everything! Get down here! We have some new winter radishes, red german and luobo...firm bodied and spicy, like me. Take my word for it, you will enjoy these roots, grown by Hector at Conuco farm in New Paltz. On this weekends menu we are serving them, mixed with other roots like turnips, carrots and rutabagas over a bed of mixed greens, dressed with roasted garlic probiotic dressing and honey. Or just ask me for a sample. These are amazing raw or cooked, roasted, mashed, pureed into soup, and gosh darn the possibilities are endless. And around for a limited time.

As you may or may not already know...maple season is upon us. I will be tapping my trees this coming Monday, a little late, I know, and this will lead us into a changed date for our maple dinner, which I am posting a menu for here. Read it, tell your friends and make a reservation. I will be presenting on the process of maple sugaring, along with a couple of other maplers.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Love is in the Air...

Maybe, maybe not. Really I am just leading up to our lovers menu for next Sunday, as we will be offering an exclusive Valentines Day menu on Sunday for all! I will attach it so that you can all plan to be here, or see what you are missing. Also, in food news, have you all checked out the Wild Hive Community Grain Project, designed to create a home for local food education based along the idea of a CSA, although with an extraordinarily diverse product line. This could be the opportunity to really help this community grow in the direction of local, sustainable agriculture. We welcome your thoughts and input of how you would like to become a part of this organic life called learning. We also welcome your skills, assistance, and especially your motivation. And don't be shy with your money, either.
All of this education shenanigans aside, I have just made the ALL MAPLE menu for our next dinner, which will be held here at Wild Hive this maple season, which is fast approaching. I welcome anyone and everyone to sign up here for volunteering to help out at my house for maple sugaring this year. There will be a sign-up, help-out sheet at the bakery, but you can also just speak to me, Amy. Back to the maple dinner. Five courses, all maple based. The menu will be up for print this week coming. Keep an eye out for it. Come and see us.