Wednesday, May 12, 2010

George, are you out there?

Oh, no!!! Wild Hive has to postpone our spring dinner. Unfortunately, it is because we no longer believe that spring exists. We are sorry to say, but as the result of much extensive research, it turns out that there are no seasons, just sunny summer days. Everywhere. Where will the water come from to drink, and help our crops grow, you ask. Well, it turns out that both we, and our food no longer need water, thanks to new genetic modifications, where from now on, everything only needs sunny summer days to grow, and, now that we are no longer drowning ourselves with pesky H2O, we will finally all grow to our full size, of heights up to 17 feet.

Just kidding!!!

We had some wacky weather, and a couple of cancellations, and Don has to be out of town, and an educator that was coming had an emergency, and another farmer was so busy that he and I could not be near the phone at the same time.......With all of these things compounded, we chose to throw in the towel and focus on our upcoming schedule changes, when we will be open for dinner a few nights a week, every week, and there is a theme of family style, family friendly dining in mind. Our apologies to everyone who was excited about the menu. Come whine to me, and perhaps, I will make the menu as our lunch menu this weekend...Nettles are a coming, so that is covered. All of this aside, there was one reservation, whose number I don't have access to. That is George. George, if you are out there, call us at the bakery at 845-266-5863. More event updates soon, as we have been brainstorming on an exciting new idea..................

Friday, May 7, 2010

Eating in the near future

Here is our mothers day menu. Don't forget, moms like dessert, too, and we will be making ice cream sandwiches, with Ronnybrook coffee or vanilla ice cream and our chocolate walnut meringue cookies. There will be other exciting desserts, also, but that is my pick of the week. Also, in the store right now, we have rhubarb, asparagus, herbs, salad, watercress, lots of meats, prepared foods to go, beans, honey, maple syrup, milk, eggs, yogurt, radishes, grains, breads, oh, and a new cheese by Amazing Real Live Food Co. called Chaource. Let me tell you...a loaf of italian wheat, a hunk of Chaource, and maybe a lemon square. That is a hot date! I am including our menu for our spring dinner, next Friday. Please call 845-266-5863 or email for reservations! See you this weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother Day!!! is coming...

Hello there you hungry foodies, good eaters, and members of our supporting community. We at the Hive thank you all for coming out to an awesome day today and eating todays specials, with the first spinach of the year, so many bright yellow eggs, and rocking out with my special spring pesto, with ramps, chives, and shiitakes. We just want to make you aware of our special mothers day menu, which you will see posted in the next couple of days, and also of our special foraged foods dinner, in which we will be highlighting local, foraged and spring veggies along with an education about how the season begins, and how some of the best spring foods come straight out of the woods. We also have been attending some local events that have strengthened our conviction that small farms are the focus of our business, and we wish you would come in during the week and share our thoughts. Our freezer is full, and our fridges, also, and we are always looking to share our thoughts on recipes and food security. So, keep an eye out in the next 48 hours for an exciting bunch of menus, and in the meantime, join a CSA, or look into our CDA. Please email me if you have any questions about csa's or if you need help with the right one for you. Pickles.