Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in December?!

Oh boy. Here we are, wrapping presents for the kiddies and drinking beer. Again. It seemed like just last year that these moments were upon us. I have decided to bring headcheese that is cooking on the woodstove at home to my grandma's for Christmas dinner. Ummm. Maybe I can shape it into the shape of a spiral ham. Or not. So, it seems like it is time to start "christmas" shopping, and I appear to be able to do most of it right in my own home. Garlic for dad, beets for sister, do you think that the children will appreciate the rutabagas? We at Wild Hive wish you all a safe and happy holidays. Thank you for a wonderful year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dinner at the Hive

Well, well, well. Here some of you are. Eating. Meeting. Teaching. Learning. We had a dinner at the Hive last night, the first in our new series of events in which we hope to see many of you at. Next Friday we will be showing a movie and serving desserts and beverages. Contact us at the bakery if you are looking for details. Then, in January, we will be having a soup social, which is in essence a bottomless bowl of soup, shared by as many people as we can squeeze in. There will be many different soups, of varying creativity. I will post more details as the evening evolves, but I just find so much romance and depth in the idea of sharing in the same pot of soup with strangers, friends, neighbors, farmers, fermenters, teachers, writers, bakers, servers, thinkers, moms, dads, kids, uncles, goodness, I just want to share in some damn soup, with my extended community. Thank you to all who came last night, and thank you to all who would have if they could have. There will be more tables shared in the future.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Events at Wild Hive

So, we at Wild Hive are finally back in the saddle, and ready to bring educational events to you, the public, our community, our family and our friends. Really, those things tend to meld together. This Friday night we will be hosting a dinner in conjunction with Slow Foods Hudson Valley, and in honor of Terra Madre day. It is also a platform for us to present some new projects by members of the growing sustainable agriculture community of the Hudson Valley. Over a delicious local foods dinner, meeting new people and learning about foods, and the future of food security...what better way to spend a chilly December night? If you are looking for more info about the dinner, please email Amy at the bakery. The following Friday we will be screening a food based movie, Fresh, and having dessert and a roundtable discussion. I am including a picture here of some broccoli that I harvested yesterday, as I spent my day harvesting snow touched vegetables to serve you all this week. I might add, that there are some spicy braising greens in the store that you should all rush down here for. Well, maybe you should not rush, since there is sleet and snow between here and there, but you should carefully make your way here...Maybe on skis?