Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello hello hello...tomorrow is thanksgiving, and i hope that you are all geared up. if not, we will be open from 8-1ish and we have the most beautiful veggies and breads.
onions (red and white)
carrots (3 colors)
radishes (luobo, red, black spanish, and watermelon)
potatoes (red, yukon gold, fingerling, russet)
swiss chard
beets (chioggia and red)
sprouted wheat
and so much more
We will be closed this Friday, both for our own thanksgiving, I am having a local foods mexican fiesta at my house since i gave up my turkey this year to a lost reservation, and because i want to celebrate in another style, and because the day after thanksgiving is our opening anniversary.
we look forward to seeing you all out at the cafe this weekend, 8-5 for non thanksgiving meals!! we give many thanks for all of the producers, growers, and community who have made another year possible. Thanks!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Menu for the party

The weather looks good for Saturday. The food is being harvested. The oven is being moved. The bathrooms are being cleaned. The flour is being swept off the floors. The raffle jars are filling up. The mill is putting it's best foot forward. We will be in the midst of our regular Saturday production...Milling hard red 00 flour, all-purpose, and bagging them for sales. Lisa and Terry Kilmer are coming to show us their draft horses. We are cooking black beans for the soup right now. Come on out to 2645 Salt Point Turnpike this Saturday for our educational fundraiser/mill grand opening. Check out the blogs below to find out why. Beans, radishes, swiss chard, onions, garlic, families, chickens, pot roast, roasted roots, winter squash, wheatberries, polenta, beets, salad, what else could there be? Hot cider! Call or email with any questions.
Wild Hive---845-266-5863

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shining up the Mill

There may have been some confusion about the address of the mill. I am here to clear that up....
The address is 2645 Salt Point Turnpike, Stanford, NY 12581.
The cafe is in clinton corners, and the mill is only one mile away, but due to the borders that the local government slaps upon things, (and this goes for all levels of government) the mill is in stanford. we like stanford and stanfordville a lot, so we are glad to be a part of it. we spent some time shining it up a bit, and sending some extra bran to some local farmers for their pigs and chickens, to make room for us. we are going to move the oven tomorrow, and make the menu for saturday. remember...dress warm, as there will be a november chill in the air, even though the weather looks good. lisa and terry will be bringing their draft horses!!! and i will be making t-shirts to sell. the raffles are filling up, and so just to increase your chances, i will add a couple more. remember, we are trying to learn from you what you want to learn from us, so bring your ideas and bring your friends. see you there. wild hive-845-266-5863

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sign up now!!! Wild Hive Party

Here I am, making raffle items...If you have any interest in Hudson Valley local foods, don't miss this raffle. Starting tomorrow and ending next Saturday, at our PARTY. This event is shaping up to be more and more exciting. If I was not already going to be there, I would definitely go! Keep in mind that rsvps help us know how many people to expect, but are not neccessary. We just may have some local draft horses to learn from, and the raffle items are EXCITING! As far as dinner, I am thinking chicken, roast squash, celeriac, cheeses, potatoes, maple roasted root veggies, polenta, salads..........oh yeah, and pickles! Call us at the bakery with any questions, or send us an email at
We will be hosting two full tours of the mill, where we are expecting to host future education, with your help! We are looking to frame an agricultural educational center at the milol in the near future, where we will brew, ferment, bake, plant, cook, harvest, and more, but we are in need of you to show us your interest. Anyhow, let us know what you think.