Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello out there, Hudson Valley Eaters!!! Today I escaped. I don't know how I was able to pull it off, but I made an appearance at the Woodstock Farmers Market. I used to sell at this market every Wednesday, and it has been awhile since I have had the pleasure. I apologize if you came to our stand and I was on the phone, as it turns out that I still had all types of fires to put out at the bakery and cafe from afar, but I was truly pleased to be out in the fresh air at the market, just as I used to be. There were so many farmiliar faces, and thank you all for being so pleased to see me. Jay, the brillian farmer from Four Winds Farm had an astonishing array of tomatoes, which I will be serving up this week, and I thank him for his hard work, and Regeneration Farm traded me some gorgeous veggies for some multigrain bread. I sure love the barter system. Our vegetable cooler is out of service at the bakery for a couple of days, so if you come by, ask me who, what, where, when and why, and you are likely to be pleasantly surprised. Picture it...a three pound yellow and red heirloom tomato. How on earth did the plant hold it up? Not to worry, no animal or plant was harmed during the growing process. A new term that I have adopted...better than organic...For me, it means, that whether it was certified or not, I have done the research, and the vegetable was grown with no chemicals, no pesticides, and by someone who has respected the land on which it was grown. To wild hive's personal standards. Keep in mind that not all vegetables that are technically organic are worthy of your support, as there are large corporate organics charging top dollar for you to support them. Little Debbie Organic Ho Hos.............Feel free to contact us directly about our sources and why. Oh, and a final thought...wondering why you are not seeing any chocolate at Wild Hive? How about the guy who bought ONE BILLION PLUS worth of cocoa beans, and is waiting for the price to skyrocket? For goodness sakes, we just are not prepared to compete with a greedy, billionaire, selfish single person to make the foods that we are passioniate about. Be aware, there are other chocolate sources that I am researching, and hope to join forces with the little guys. Good night, and holy tomato.