Saturday, March 5, 2011

Class schedule coming soon!

Wild Hive's class schedule is on it's way. We currently have a schedule for the season, entering into the summer, but before i publish it for all to see, please let me know if there is anything you really want to see us put in the schedule. I will be finalizing the schedule this week upcoming, since the first class will begin on Saturday, March 26th. Email Amy at with any questions, comments, or suggestions ASAP!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

i saw buds on trees!

well, spring is near. i personally saw some buds on trees in danbury. yup, i can picture it now...fresh green leaves, bees buzzing, maple sap running. sprin is like a poem all on its own. i will be making a march menu this monday, and beware, cause i am feeling creative. i was struck down with the flu last week and i am coming back superstrong! this week, i am planning upcoming classes for wild hive. we will beginning classes in april, and although we will still be low on supplies, i plan on working with what we have, seasonally. please send me messages of what classes will be in demand for the upcoming year, and i will schedule them accordingly. i believe that i will be starting with an introductory to winemaking, to prime your palate for the season, along with drying mushrooms, braising meats, baking, and basic seasonal cooking. please let me know what you want to see, as i will plan accordingly. how about making tempeh, and sprouting grains...see you out at the hive. please keep an eye out for our extended hours, in the next month.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

back in the saddle...i mean, snow.

Well, I have been back for a little over a week now, and whew, i am glad to be home. eating at wild hive, seeing the members of my community who have been struggling through the snowy winter, and back into dealing with the challenge of eating towards the end of the winter. i have been cooking up a storm, both at the bakery and home since i got back. something i need to put out there...i make a lot of wine at home, and since i am looking into moving from my home to a local farm where i will be building a yurt to live in for the next few years, i am in need of folks who have something to trade me for wine. i am looking for all types of things of value for sustainable living. let me know what you have to trade. don and i are planning a fundraiser right now to save the drowning wild hive cafe right now. think about these numbers. every day that was really stormy, it cost us an average of $1000.00, between paying the staff to work, having perishible foods, paying the intense oil bill, electricity, rent, and lost revenue. we had more than thirteen of those days this year. these are near zero days. we plan for six a year. we need some support. we are about to reopen for dinners, where we are going to have burger and beer friday nights. soups, salads, burgers, veggie burgers.....and live acoustic music. this will start in 3-4 weeks. not to be negative amy, but they will only go forth if we can keep our heads above water between now and then. we are currently planning for a really fun fundraiser in early march, with a six course dinner on a saturday night and we hope to do some serious cooking that night. lots of changes. lots of hope, and lots of intentions. come on by. lets talk.

Monday, January 17, 2011

amazing farmers markets

well, i moved from the west coast to the east coast of hawaii. this morning, i woke up at 6am and by 9, i had already been to two local farmers markets, and i had planned my dinner. i took photos, but they are on my cell phone, and now i have to figure out how to put those on the computer. the special thing about this market, in pahoa, was that i finally got some whole cacoa pods. and if that was not exciting enough, at the next market, i found a durian fruit. i WAS excited about this. then i gently placed the durian in my trunk (of my rental sports car, with a sunroof) as i begin to drive back to my temp. home, i can barely stand it. the durian stinks so bad, i can barely be in the same car as it. i drive the 15 minutes, and unload the local goat feta, herbs, onions, lemons, and fresh eggs and english muffins, and then i know, i have to deal with it......the durian. spiky, stinky, and heavy, i take it out of the trunk, and stick it in the bushes, as not to offend the other people staying near me. even 60 feet away, while it is outside, i can still smell it. this was a big deal for me to find and eat. suprisingly, i have a friend coming to hawaii to see me tomorrow. and another friend coming in three days. i will make them eat this 9lb durian with me. ha ha ha....stay in touch, i will let you know.

Monday, January 10, 2011

happy hour!

did you know that in hawaii, or more specifically, in the town of kona, which i ventured out to today, that they have mai tai happy hour from 2-6. up to now i was glad to be going home after vacation. nothing keeping me here, but...i could learn to live with this new unexpected turn of events. don't worry, though, i will be home, making snowchickens in no time. i miss you, Goldball! (my snuggly and giant rooster) i hope you are doing only good behavior!