Saturday, February 26, 2011

i saw buds on trees!

well, spring is near. i personally saw some buds on trees in danbury. yup, i can picture it now...fresh green leaves, bees buzzing, maple sap running. sprin is like a poem all on its own. i will be making a march menu this monday, and beware, cause i am feeling creative. i was struck down with the flu last week and i am coming back superstrong! this week, i am planning upcoming classes for wild hive. we will beginning classes in april, and although we will still be low on supplies, i plan on working with what we have, seasonally. please send me messages of what classes will be in demand for the upcoming year, and i will schedule them accordingly. i believe that i will be starting with an introductory to winemaking, to prime your palate for the season, along with drying mushrooms, braising meats, baking, and basic seasonal cooking. please let me know what you want to see, as i will plan accordingly. how about making tempeh, and sprouting grains...see you out at the hive. please keep an eye out for our extended hours, in the next month.

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